Richard Low

June 19
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English, Hokkien
Acting, Singing, Hosting

A household name in Singapore, Richard Low was already acting within the theatre circle when he took up the Professional Drama Performers’ Training Course organised by the then Singapore Broadcasting Corporation (now MediaCorp). His outstanding performance subsequently clinched him an artiste contract in 1986.

In the early stages of his acting career, he mainly starred in baddie roles. Undeterred from being possibly typecasted, he worked twice as hard as any of his fellow colleagues. Through toil and sweat, Richard finally garnered the Best Supporting Actor Award in Star Awards ’97 for his role in The Silver Lining.

In 1999, when Richard was cast as the male lead of Mr. OK and handled the role admirably, audiences sat up and noticed him in a new way. They changed their perception of him as merely a supporting actor. Producers too took note of his performance and were soon asking him to act in their shows.

His second breakthrough came in the form of a movie where he played a wealthy ‘ba gua’ (barbeque pork) boss in I Not Stupid, a 2002 box office hit directed by Jack Neo. The film received positive reception at several film festivals and it is still one of the top 5 grossing movie in Singapore. Following the success of the film, a TV version was developed the same year. Since then, Richard has participated in several local feature films including The Best Bet and Singapore Dreaming.

In 2012-2013, Richard again played a key role in Jack Neo’s box office hit Ah Boys To Men. This two-part comedy film which revolves around a group of army recruits is currently the highest-grossing Singaporean film of all time and it even returned in the form of a live musical in 2014. In the same year, Richard is nominated for the Best Comedy Performance by an Actor/Actress (Spouse For House) at the 19th Asian Television Awards.


TV Series

2017 - Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜
2015 - Super Senior 长辈甜心
2015 - Second Chance 流氓律师
2014 - Spouse For House S1
2014 - World At Your Feet 球在你脚下
2013 - Mata Mata S1
2012 - Absolutely Charming 糊里糊涂爱上它
2011 -- Switched! 幸运星
2010 - The Score 无花果
2010 - New Beginnings 红白囍事
2007 - Switched! 幸运星
2004 - The Best Bet 突然发财
1989 - 铁警雄风 Patrol
1988 - 似水柔情 When Hearts Touch
1988 - 奇缘之怨偶天成 Strange Encounters II
1988 - 牛车水人家 Teahouse In Chinatown
1988 - 生活歌手 Song of Youth
1988 - 舞榭歌台 The Last Applause
1988 - 边缘少年 On The Fringe
1987 - 世纪情 Heiress
1987 - 五脚基 Five Foot Way
1987 - 冷月剑无言 Fury Of The Dragon
1987 - 变迁 Moving On
1987 - 奇缘II之广陵散 Strange Encounters II
1987 - 戏班 Painted Faces
1987 - 提防小手 Pickpockets
1987 - 空军 Airforce
1987 - 调色板 Paint A Rainbow
1987 - 迷离夜之婴 Mystery
1987 - 雨过天晴 Sunshine After Rain
1986 - 绝代双雄 The Sword and Song
1986 - 芝麻绿豆 Neighbours


2020  Ho Seh Liao 好势了 

          Terror Within

2019  Daybreak 天空渐渐亮

          Old Is Gold 老友万岁

          While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始

          Hello From The Other Side – Its Time

          阴错阳差 — 时辰到 (Toggle)

          How Are You? 好世谋

2018  Heart To Heart 心点心 

          Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜

          吃饱没4 Eat Already? 4

2016  Hero 大英雄


2015  Super Senior 长辈甜心 

         The Dream Makers II 志在四方II

         House for Spouse 2
         Second Chance 流氓律师 

        A Blessed Life 吉人天相

2014  Spouse For House S1 
          World At Your Feet 球在你脚下

2013  Mata Mata S1 


         The Dream Makers I 志在四方I

2012   Poetic Justice 微笑正义 

          Absolutely Charming 糊里糊涂爱上它 

2011  The Oath行医

          The In-Laws麻婆斗妇

2010  Breakout 破天网

          New Beginnings 红白囍事 

         The Score 无花果 

2009  The Dream Catchers 未来不是梦

2008  Love Blossoms II 心花朵朵开 II

          Beach.Ball.Babes 球爱大战

2007  Metamorphosis 破茧而出

           Switched! 幸运星 

2005  Portrait of Home 同心圆

2004   The Best Bet 突然发财

           Spice Siblings 辣兄辣妹

          Chronicles of Life 我爱我家之真情实录

          Crime Hunters 心网追凶

2002  Springs Of Life 春到人间

         Brotherhood 有情有义

         KOPI-O II 浓浓咖啡乌II

2001  Love Me, Love Me Not 真爱无敌

         In Pursuit of Peace 何日军在来

         Heroes In Black 我来也

         Beyond the Axis of Truth 法医X档案之异类接触

1999  Wok of Life福满人间

         The Legendary Swordsman笑傲江湖

         PI Blues 乌龙档案

         Mr OK OK 先生

1998  Right Frequency 播音人

         The Fortune God 财神爷

         The New Adventures of Wisely 卫斯理传奇

         Living in Geylang 芽笼。芽笼

1996  The Unbeatables II 双天至尊II

1993  The Unbeatables I 双天至尊

1989   Patrol 铁警雄风

1988   When Hearts Touch 似水柔情

          Strange Encounters II 奇缘之怨偶天成

          Teahouse In Chinatown牛车水人家

          Song of Youth生活歌手

          The Last Applause舞榭歌台

          On The Fringe边缘少年

1987   Heiress 世纪情

          Five Foot Way 五脚基

          Fury Of The Dragon 冷月剑无言

         Moving On 变迁

         Strange Encounters II奇缘II之广陵散

         Painted Faces 戏班

         Pickpockets 提防小手

        Airforce 空军

        Paint A Rainbow 调色板


        Sunshine After Rain 雨过天晴

1986  Neighbours 芝麻绿豆

         The Sword and Song 绝代双雄


2015 - Ah Boys To Men Frogmen 新兵正传III 蛙人传
           King of Mahjong 麻雀王
          MY LOVE, SINEMA 放映。爱

2014 - Re:Solve 决义案
           Filial Party 我是孝子

2013 - Ah Boys To Men 2 新兵正传2
           Judgement Day 世界末日
           Everybody’s Business 十万火急

2012 - My Ghost Partner 人鬼拍档
           Ah Boys To Men 新兵正传

2010 - Happy Go Lucky 福星到

2009 - Where Got Ghost 吓到笑之发财热线

2008 - The Days 岁月

2007 - Ah Long Pte Ltd 老师嫁老大

2005 - Avatar 流放化身
           Singapore Dreaming 美满人生

2004 - The Best Bet 突然发财

2003 - Home Run 跑吧!孩子

2002 - I Not Stupid 小孩不笨  


2002 - Foodies Choice 美食包打听


2014 - Nominee for the 19th Asian Television Awards Best Comedy Performance by an Actor/Actress (Spouse For House) 入围19届亚洲电视大奖’最佳戏剧演员。

2002 - Nominee for Star Awards ’02 Best Comedy Performer (I Not Stupid) 入围红星大奖’02最佳喜剧演员(小孩不笨)

2000 - Nominee for Star Awards ’00 Best Comedy Performer (Don’t Worry Be Happy) 入围红星大奖’02最佳喜剧演员(敢敢做个开心人)

1999 - Nominee for Star Awards ‘99 Best Actor (Mr OK) 入围红星大奖’99最佳男主角(OK 先生)

1998 - Nominee for Star Awards ’98 Best Supporting Actor (Living In Geylang) 入围红星大奖’98最佳男配角(芽笼。芽笼)

1997 - Star Awards ’97 Best Supporting Actor (The Silver Lining) 红星大奖’97最佳男配角(骤雨骄阳)

1995 - Nominee for Star Awards ’95 Best Supporting Actor (Coffee or Tea) 入围红星大奖’95最佳男配角(是非屋)  


2014 - Ah Boys To Men The Musical 新兵正传

1998 - Beauty World: President Star Charity 美世界:总统星光慈善


2014 to 2016 - Us Clinicals Strong Joint

2014 to 2015 - Dragon Brand Bird's Nest


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