Rayson Tan

January 12
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English, Teochew
Acting, Hosting

Rayson Tan, a former flight steward, joined the-then SBC station after emerging as the second runner-up in Star Search ’90, Singapore’s bi-annual nationwide talent search. He made his debut in the small screen as a shrewd and unscrupulous young man in “Golden Shenton Way”.

This reticent actor stretches himself by taking on multi-faceted roles.  He was an upright police inspector in “Ladies In Action”, a suave and cool-headed swordsman in the period drama “Web Of Deceit”, a faithful husband in “Courting Trouble”.  Rayson is able to handle such diverse role with ease.

One of the station’s most outstanding character actors, Rayson vowed audiences with his portrayal of a deranged old man in “A Different Life” in 1996, a saga which spanned several eras.  In 1997, Rayson was chosen to act as the World War II anti-Japanese hero Lim Bo Seng in the blockbuster of the year “Price of Peace”. 

In 2000, Rayson teams up with regional actors in the second season of “Master Swordsman Lu Xiao Feng II”, a co-production between Singapore, China and Taiwan.

A very personable person by nature, he teams up with his wife Chen Li Ping, in “City Spy”, giving the show their own dose of fun and cheer, winning the hearts of audiences and critics alike, making it one of the popular variety programmes in Singapore.

His commendable performances as a triad boss in “A Song To Remember” and a loan shark runner from China in “It Takes Two” further earned him Best Supporting Actor nominations at Star Awards 2012 and 2013 respectively.

2014, Rayson has won the Best Supporting Actor in 19th Annual Asian Television Awards, the region's most prestigious industry award.

Recent productions included “Heart To Heart”,  “C.L.I.F. 5” and upcoming drama will be “Happy Prince” which will be released in 2020.  


TV Series

2018 - 29th February 229明天见
2017 - Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜
2017 - Home Truly 回家
2017 - Legal Eagles 法网天后
2017 - Dream Coder 梦想程式
2016 - A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万
2015 - Life - Fear Not 人生无所畏
2015 -- Tales Of The Third Kind S1 第三类剧场 1
2015 - Super Senior 长辈甜心
2015 - Tiger Mum虎妈来了
2014 - In The Name Of Love 最爱是你
2012 - Joys Of Life 花样人间
2012 - Double Bonus 双星报喜
2011 - On The Fringe 边缘父子
2011 - C.L.I.F. S1 警徽天职 1
2010 - 3-Plus-1 S3 三菜一汤 3
2010 - Unriddle S1 最火搭档 1 WRONG
2009 - Carlsberg Telemovie Showcase 皇帽瑞狮喜迎虎电视电影系列
2009 - 3-Plus-1 S2 三菜一汤 2
2008 - Love Blossoms S2 心花朵朵开 2
2007 - The Homecoming 十三鞭
2007 - Just in Singapore 一房半厅一水缸
2007 - Metamorphosis 破茧而出
2006 - The Undisclosed 迷云二十天
2004 - My Mighty In Laws 野蛮亲家
2003 - Love Is Beautiful 美丽家庭
2003 - Romance De Amour 1加1等于3
2002 - No Problem 考试家族
2002 - Fantasy 星梦情真
2001 - Three Women And A Half 三个半女人
2000 - The Invincible Squad 迷幻特警
2000 - The Tax Files 流金税月
1999 - Lost Soul 另类佳人
1998 - My Teacher, Aiyoyo! 哎哟哟奇妙假期
1998 - Act 235 刑事235
1998 - Men At Crossroads 四个好色的男人
1998 - Riding The Storm 陌生人
1997 - The Price of Peace 和平的代价
1996 - River Of Love 风雨柴船头
1996 - Courting Trouble 婚姻法庭
1995 - A Different Life 妈姐情缘
1995 - Ah Xue 阿雪
1995 - Heavenly Ghost Catcher 天师钟馗
1994 - King of Hades 阎罗传奇
1994 - The Valiant One 昆仑奴
1994 - Truly Yours 聪明糊涂心
1994 - Web of Deceit 鹤啸九天
1992 - Mystery S2 迷离夜 2
0 - Mystic Whispers 听
0 - Housewives Holiday 煮妇的假期


2020  快乐王子 Happy Prince

2019  阴错阳差 — 时辰到Its Time
      你那边怎样,我这边OK All Is Well - Singapore
      警徽天职之海岸卫队 C.L.I.F 5

2018  不平凡的平凡  Reach For The Skies
      给我一百万  A Million Dollar Dream
      维多利亚的模力  VIC
      西瓜甜不甜  Say Cheese
      229 明天见  29th February
      心点心  Heart To Heart

2017   回家 Home Truly
       梦想程式 Dream Coder
       法网天后 Legal Eagles
       吃饱没 3 Eat Already? 3
       小人物向前冲 Life Less Ordinary

2016   人生无所畏 Life Fear Not

2015    虎妈来了 Tiger Mum
          长辈甜心 Super Senior
           志在四方II The Dream Makers 2

2014    最爱是你 In The Name Of Love
    听 Mystic Whispers (toggle drama)
    流氓律师 Second Chance
    百岁大吉 Good Luck

2013    小子当家 I'm In Charge
    阿兵新传(客串)The Recruit Diaries (cameo)
    日落洞 The Entangled

2012     双星报喜Double Bonus
    花样人间 Joys of Life 
    X元素 Beyond
    对对碰 It Takes Two

2011    警徽天职 C.L.I.F
    边缘父子 On The Fringe
    星洲之夜 A Song To Remember

2010    以爱为名 (电视电影) In the Name of Love (telemovie)
    五福到The Best Things in Life
    魔幻视界 The Illusionist
    最火搭档 Unriddle
    走进走出 The Family Court

2009    煮妇的假期Housewives’ Holiday    
    乒乓圆 Table of Glory

2008    一房半厅一水缸 Just in Singapore
    心花朵朵开 I Love Blossoms I
    叮当神探 Crime Busters x 2    
    心花朵朵开 II Love Blossoms II

2007    十三鞭 The Homecoming
    破茧而出 Metamorphosis

2006    刑警2人组 CID
    百万宝 Million Treasure

2005    法医X档案II Beyond The Axis of Truth II
    迷云二十天 The Undisclosed
    星闪闪 The Shining Star

2004    喜临门I&II Double Happiness I&II
    我的野蛮亲家 My Mighty In-Laws
    遗情未了 Timeless Gift 

2003     一切由慎开始II Health Matters II
    美丽家庭 Love is Beautiful
    一加一等于三 Romance De Amour
    家在大巴窑 Home in Toa Payoh

2002    考试家族 No Problem
    加东Miss Oh  Katong Miss Oh
    星梦情真 Fantasy

2001    陆小风之谁家天下 Master Swordsman
      Lu Xiao Feng II
    三个半女人 3 Women And A Half
    大酒店 The Hotel
    敢敢做个开心人VI Don’t Worry Be Happy IV

2000    笑傲江湖 The Legendary Swordsman
    流金岁月 The Tax File

1999    另类佳人 Lost Souls
    新方世玉 Heroes Of The Times

1998    四个好涩的男人 Men At The Crossroads
    七个梦 Dreams
    哎哟哟奇妙假期 My Teacher Aiyoyo!
    刑事235 Act 235
    陌生人 Riding The Storm
    医生档案 From The Medical Files

1997    婚姻法庭 Courting Troubles
      Crimes And Tribulations
    和平的代价 Price Of Peace
    单身女郎 Roses, Complete With Thorns

1996    妈姐情缘 A Different Life
    风雨柴船头 River Of Love

1995    阎罗传奇 King Of Hades
    第三类剧场 Tales Of The Third Kind
    天师钟馗之杨贵妃 Heavenly Ghostcatcher
    阿雪 Ah Xue

1994    鹤啸九天 Web Of Deceit
    昆仑奴 The Valiant One
    聪明糊涂心 Truly Yours

1993    银海惊涛 Reaching For The Stars
    皇朝铁将金粉情 Invincible Warriors
    暴雨狂花 Angel Of Vengeance

1992    霹雳红唇 Ladies In Action
    浪漫战场 My Buddies
    爱在女儿乡 Love Is In The Air
    迷离夜 II Mystery II

1991    金色珊顿道 Golden Shenton Way
    家有恶妻 The Woman I Marry
    宜家宜乐 Home Sweet Home


2011 - The Ultimate Winner 大赢家

           Petaling Street Warriors 大英雄•小男人


2012 - My Star Guide (Guizhou) 我的导游是明星-食在好玩(贵州)

2007 - Cash Plus Holiday 嬴万金游万里欢乐周末夜

2006 - PSC Nite 普威之夜

2005 - New City Beat 2 走走吃吃看一看

2004 - New City Beat 2 走走吃吃看一看

2002 - City Spy 城市特务


2014   ATA ’14 Best Performance by a Supporting Actor (The Entangled)

2013   Nominee for Star Awards ’13 Best Supporting Actor (It Takes Two)

           Nominee for ATA '13 Best Performance by a Supporting Actor (It Takes Two)

2012   Nominee for Star Awards ’12 Best Supporting Actor (A Song To Remember)

2006   Nominee for Star Awards ’06 Best Supporting Actor (The Undisclosed)

2001   Nominee for Star Awards ’01 Best Supporting Actor (Three Women and A Half)

1997   Star Awards ’97 Top 10 Most Popular Male Artistes

1990   2 Runner-up, Star Search ’90 


2009 - 娘惹之恋 The Peranakan Ball

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