Jeffrey Xu

October 03
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, Shanghainese
Singing, Dancing, Guitar, Basketball

Jeffrey was discovered in the All-Asian Star Search ’10, Singapore’s bi-annual regional talent search. His acting left a lasting impression on everyone’s minds and Jeffrey walked away as the All-Asian Star Search ’10 Champion.  

Jeffrey studied in one of Shanghai’s renowned acting school before joining Star Search in 2010. His debut performance was in the Chinese drama “Devotion” as an autistic child. The versatile actor found himself portraying different roles. He was convincing both as the evil antagonist and your guy-next-door role. This, coupled with Jeffrey’s determination and willingness to learn has put him in good stead and allow for his immense potential to shine through. Jeffrey became heavily engaged in variety hosting and acting since 2012.   

Jeffrey won his first acting award in 2013 at the 18th Asian Television Awards for “Best Actor in a Supporting role” for his performance as a nurse in “Marry Me”. This is his first nomination and first win. Although winning an award at a regional platform has given Jeffrey some pressure to continue to up his game, he has continued to do well in acting and hosting.  He was again nominated twice in the 19th Asian Television Awards for his role in “Gonna make it” and “Scrum”.

Ever ready to take on new challenges, Jeffrey has dived into radio deejaying and co-hosted “Ning @ Night” with Chen Ning on Yes93.3FM in 2015.



2015 - Ning @ Night on Yes933

2014 - Shoot it 2 哪里出问题2 
           Body SOS 3 (Resident guest)
           Love Travels
           Style: Check-In 3 潮人攻略3
           Property SOS
           Post Party 红星大奖2014
           Find The Wasabi season 2 (Collaboration with Japan,Thailand,Malaysia)

2013 - Style check in 2! 潮人攻略2 
           Heritage Hunters
           STAR AWARDS 2013 SHOW 1 红星大奖2013 亮闪八方
           Star Awards 2013 Mobile App
           Style: Check-In 2 潮人攻略2
           Heritage Hunters 知新小玩家

2012 - Super IQ (Co-hosting)《IQ超人》
           小毛病大问题 (Resident host)
           Style: Check-In 潮人攻略 
           Weekend getaway 周末自由行
           Japan Eats 日本美食通
           Weekend getaway 周末自由行

2011 -  我的小小发明 (Hosting)
           THK charity (Dance item)


2014   Best Supporting Male Actor Nomination
           红星大奖2014 最佳男配角 (我要嫁出去)

           19 Asian Television Awards 
           (Double nomination for Best Actor in a supporting role) – Scrum and Gonna make it  
           第19 届”亚洲电视大奖

2013   18 Asian Television Awards Best Actor in a supporting role

2010   Star Search 2010 Champion

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