Cavin Soh

Language Spoken:
Chinese, English
Acting, Hosting, Singing

Cavin Soh is a versatile artiste with multi-talents in singing, song-writing, hosting and acting.  His journey started when his passion as a performer led him to develop his song-writing skills and went on to participate in a ballad singing competition where he won “Best Performance Artist” and “Best Performance” awards.

Together with two friends, Cavin formed a band called “Dreamz FM” and released three critically acclaimed albums and was invited by United Nations to New York to perform at the 30 Anniversary Concert Theme Song.

Having achieved much in the music arena, Cavin decided to explore other arenas of entertainment – acting. Not willing to pass up any opportunity that is offered, he jumped at the challenge when Mediacorp offered him his first role as a cold-faced comedian in “Soho @ Work”.  Having endeavored in diverse roles – both good and evil - he has managed to win over critics with his hard work and bagged his first acting award in the Best Supporting Actor category in 2005 at the annual Star Awards.

His bubbly personality and affable, quick-witted nature has also garnered him hosting roles. His successful transition from music to acting and hosting is further cemented when he bagged the Best Info-ed Host in 2014 at Star Awards 20.

It hasn’t been an easy road for the multi-hyphenated. Despite all that he has achieved so far, Cavin humbly soaks in the experience and continually pushes boundaries to make him a better all-rounded artiste.  Cavin has set the entertainment industry as his playground of a lifetime, and is addicted to continuously bettering his craft as an entertainer.



2011 - “Twisted” 撞鬼

TV Hosting 电视主持

2016 - 3 Men & A Journey 三男一旅

2014 - A Happy Foodie New Year (An AFC Production)
           Foodie Dash 3” 食品大赢家3
           Back To School 超龄插班生

2013 - Foodie Dash 2 食品大赢家2
           Project Dream Home梦想家计划
           Where the Queue Starts 4? 排排站,查查看 4
           Let’s Cook全民新煮艺

2012 - Knock Knock Who’s There? 啊!是你到我家!


2014   Winner of Star Awards’20 “Best Info-Ed Programme Host” Let’s Cook
          红星大奖’20 “最佳资讯节目主持人” (全民新煮艺)

2013   Nominated for “Best Variety Host” for Ch 8 variety 啊!是你到我家! in Star Awards

2012   Nominated for “Best Supporting Actor” for Ch 8 drama 四个门牌一个梦 in Star Awards

2005   Garnered the “Best Supporting Actor” for Ch 8 drama同心圓 in Star Awards

Endorsements 廣告/代言

2014 - Ambassador of Mayer Singapore

2013 - Ambassador of Friso® Singapore
           Ambassador of Mayer Singapore

2012 - Ambassador of Friso® Singapore

2011 - NEA “Clean & Hygiene” Ambassadors with Bryan Wong

Albums/Singles 唱片/单曲

Dreamz FM Debut Album
Dreamz FM (Journey II)
Dreamz FM 3
“Together” - National Song (Dreamz FM with Evenlyn Tan)
“The V In You”- International Year of the Volunteer (Dreamz FM)
Dreamz FM Concert 2001
“身邊 的你” Theme Song for drama Vive La Famille II
“自己的天空” Theme Song for drama Home in Toa Payoh
“想握你的手” Theme & Sub-Theme song for drama Your Hand in Mine
“男人可贵” Theme song for   drama Daddy at Home
“因为有你” Sub-Theme song for drama Daddy at Home
“太习惯” Sub Theme song for drama Love Blossoms 2
“知足” Theme song for drama The Best things in Life
“路过” Theme song for drama The In-Laws
“走好每一步” Theme & Sub Theme song for drama Love Thy Neighbour
好运到”, “有时候”, “爱不胜防”  Theme & Sub Theme song for drama It’s a Wonderful Life!

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