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Zoe Tay

January 09
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English, Teochew, Cantonese
Acting, Singing, Dancing, Modeling

Zoe Tay is undoubtedly and deservingly Singapore’s entertainment icon since winning Star Search in 1988. She made a career switch from a top model to a full time actress and has played the female lead in countless television dramas of numerous genres. Her breakthrough came in 1991 when she was cast as a materialistic and vindictive woman in “Pretty Faces”, a serial in which she stamped her mark with her versatility and sex appeal.

The undisputed ‘Queen of Caldecott Hill’ has certainly lived up to her status, having been voted the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes in the annual Star Awards for 10 consecutive years since its inception in 1994 and became the first female artiste to receive the prestigious All-Time Favourite Artiste Award in 2004.

The media darling who continues to grace many a magazine cover, became the first local female artiste to launch a coffee table book, ‘Zoe’s Pictorial’ in 1995.  Her enormous popularity makes her a hot favourite amongst casting directors and producers, a fact proven by the high ratings of every drama serial Zoe is in, including the acclaimed “The Unbeatables” series, Singapore’s only drama trilogy. 

Zoe clinched the Best Actress award in 2019, 2017 & 1996 Star Awards for her stellar performance in “A Million Dollar Dream”, “You Can Be An Angel 2” & “Golden Pillow”. She was also awarded the Special Achievement Award in 1998 for her illustrious career and contribution to the local scene.  Her outstanding performance in “You Can Be An Angel 2”, “The Ultimatum” and “Home Affairs” has also earned her nominations for Best Drama Performance by an Actress at the Asian TV Awards in 2017, 2009 & 2000 respectively.

Beyond her acting duties, Zoe has also engaged in charitable activities with global and local organisations such as World Vision and Singapore Council of Women's Organisations (SCWO). In 2018, Zoe launched a charity campaign “You Can Say No” with SCWO with a video on Domestic Violence which was telecast on Mediacorp TV channels as well as on YouCanSayNo.sg. And in 2019 June, a talk show on Date Rape was held on Facebook live.

In 2014, Zoe added another accolade to her impressive list of achievements when she was immortalized as a wax figure and joined the Madame Tussauds Singapore celebrity hall of fame.


TV Series

2018 -- Away With My BFF 老友出走记
2018 - Our Makan Places: Lost and Found S6
2017 - All Is Well - Singapore 你那边怎样.我这边Ok - 新加坡篇 (TIF)
2017 - While We Are Young Z世代
2016 - A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万
2016 - The Dream Makers S2 志在四方 2
2016 -- Katong Miss Oh 加东 Miss Oh
2015 - Angel of Vengeance 暴雨狂花
2015 - You Can Be An Angel S2 你也可以是天使 2
2014 - You Can Be An Angel Too 你也可以是天使
2013 - The Joy Truck S1 快乐速递 1
2013 - The Dream Makers 志在四方
2013 -- The Unbeatables S1 双天至尊 1
2013 - Ladies Nite S1 女人聚乐部 1
2012 - Double Bonus 双星报喜
2011 - Devotion 阿娣
2009 - Carlsberg Telemovie Showcase 皇帽瑞狮喜迎虎电视电影系列
2009 - The Ultimatum 双子星
2008 - La Femme 绝对佳人
2008 - By My Side 不凡的爱
2005 - Zoe's Treasure Trove 阿姐有个宝
2004 - My Mighty In Laws 野蛮亲家
2003 - Baby Boom 我家四个宝
2002 - The Unbeatables S3 双天至尊 3
2001 - The Stratagem 世纪攻略
1999 - Lost Soul 另类佳人
1998 - The New Adventure of Wisely 卫斯理传奇
1997 - Love In A Foreign City 富贵双城
1997 - Rising Expectations 长河
1995 - The Teochew Family 潮州家族
1995 - A Different Life 妈姐情缘
1994 - Truly Yours 聪明糊涂心
1993 - Happy Foes 欢喜冤家
1992 - Ride The Waves 卿本佳人
1992 - Terms Of Endearment 戏剧人生
1991 - The Last Swordsman 最后一个大侠
1990 - Finishing Line 出人头地
1990 - Navy 壮志豪情
1990 - Crime & Passion 执法先锋
1989 - A Mother’s Love 亲心唤我心
1989 - Patrol 铁警雄风
1989 - 铁警雄风 Patrol
1988 - 奇缘之怨偶天成 Strange Encounters II
1988 - 窈窕淑女 My Fair Ladies
0 - The Unbeatables S2 双天至尊 2
0 - Man at Forty 跑吧!男人
0 - Shadows In The Dark 一号凶宅


2013 - Mister John 约翰先生

2010 - Love Cuts 割爱

2001 - The Tree 孩子.树

1999 - Liang Po Po The Movie (special appearance) 梁婆婆重出江湖(友情客串)


2013 - Ladies Nite 女人聚乐部

2005 - Zoe’s Treasure Trove 阿姐有个宝

2004 - Chronicles of Life 我爱我家之真情实录
            Wonders of the World II 惠眼看世界II
            Zoe’s Mommy Tips 阿姐有喜了

2003 - Health Matters II 一切由慎开始II
            Wonders of the World 惠眼看世界

2002 - Travel Hunt – India 奇趣搜搜搜-印度之旅
            LNY All Stars Variety 歌舞欢腾迎新喜2002
            Health Matters 一切由慎开始
            Journey Across Mongolia 真心真意蒙古之行

 2001 - 真心真意郑惠玉
             With Heart And Soul – Cambodia Trip 真心真意携手同行-柬埔寨之旅


2019   Star Awards ‘2019 Best Actress Award (A Million Dollar Dream) 红星大奖2017 最佳女主角 (给我一百万)

2017   Star Awards ‘2017 Best Actress Award (You Can Be An Angel Too II) 
          红星大奖2017 最佳女主角 (你也可以是天使 II)
          8Days.sg <Favourite-est All-time Favourite artiste> Award.
          8Days.sg 读者票选《最受欢迎的超级红星》
          The Road to Star Awards Episode 1 <Best Dressed Award> 
          红星大奖 影聚响宴 <最佳服装奖>

2016   stylexstyle SXS trailblazer Award <Cover Girl of the Decade>

2015  styleXSG50 Awards 2015 - Fashion Icon Award Outstanding Contribution to The Fashion Industry. 

2009   Nominee for Asia Television Awards ‘09 Best Actress (The Ultimatum)  
           入围亚洲电视大奖’09 最佳戏剧女演员奖 (双子星)           

2007   Star Awards 25th Drama Anniversary Show 红星大奖之戏剧情牵25 
           - Voted Screen Sweetheart for the 90s 观众投选90年代荧幕玉女掌门人
           - Top 5 Classic Characters (Bobo of Pretty Faces) 5大经典人物之一 (Bobo-三面夏娃)
           - Top 5 Best Screen Couple(with Li Nanxing) 5对最佳荧幕搭档/情侣之一 (与李南星)

2006   People at The Peak (3rd edition) 
           新加坡顶尖人物榜 (第三版)
           Singapore the Encyclopaedia (first edition)
           新加坡百科全书 (初版)
           MediaCorp News Awards ‘06 - Publishing: 8days Cover of the Year (issue #812)

2005   Lianhe Zaobao ‘05 Top 50 Most Popular Asian (7 position)
           联合早报’05年 亚洲人气偶像50强 (第七名)          

2004   Lianhe Zaobao ‘04 Top 50 Most Popular Asian Idol (4 position)

           Star Awards '04 All Time Favourite Artiste Award 

2003   Star Awards ‘03 红星大奖’03
           - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 红星大奖’03十大最受欢迎女艺人  
           -  Most Popular TV Partners with Li Nan Xing 最受欢迎电视拍挡(与李南星)       
           - Malaysia's Most Popular Female Artiste 马来西亚最受欢迎女艺人
           People at The Peak (2nd edition) 

           Lianhe Zaobao ‘03 Top 50 Most Popular Asian Idol (1 position)    

2002   Star Awards ‘02 红星大奖’02   
          - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 红星大奖02十大最受欢迎女艺人    
          - Malaysia's Most Popular Female Artiste 马来西亚最受欢迎女艺人          

           Lianhe Zaobao ‘02 Top 50 Most Popular Asian Idol (7 position)

2001   Star Awards ‘01 红星大奖’01
           - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 红星大奖’01十大最受欢迎女艺人  
           - Malaysia's Most Popular Female Artiste 马来西亚最受欢迎女艺人       

2000   Star Awards ‘00 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 
           Nominee for ATA ‘00 Best Actress (Home Affairs)

1999   Star Awards ‘99 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

1998   Star Awards ‘98 红星大奖’98
           - Special Achievement Award 特别成就奖         
           - Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes 十大最受欢迎女艺人

1997   Star Awards ‘97 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

1996   Star Awards ‘96 红星大奖’96
           - Top 5 Most Popular Female Artistes 红星大奖’96五大最受欢迎女艺人
           - Best Actress Award (Golden Pillow) 最佳女主角 (金枕头)          

1995   Star Awards ‘95 Most Popular Actress

1994    Star Awards ‘94 Most Popular Actress  
1988   Star Search ‘88 Champion

1987   Model of the Year

TV Documentary Specials 电视特辑

2019   星期二特写《筑梦》Tuesday Report <The Dream Catchers>

Charity Campaign 公益活动

2018   YouCanSayNo.sg campaign for Women Causes – video on Domestic Violence

           <You Can Say No> 视频 – 杜绝家暴

2019   YouCanSayNo.sg campaign for Women Causes – Facebook live talk show on Date Rape

           <You Can Say No> 面簿直播开讲 – 约会性侵

Album 唱片

1998   十分…郑惠玉 10th Anniversary Zoe Tay (EP)

Publications 写真集 

1995   Zoe’s Pictorial《惠玉》写真集

Current Endorsement 代言 


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