Rui En

January 29
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English
Acting, Singing

A familiar face to TV viewers, Rui En first emerged to stardom as the well-known "running girl" in a telecom commercial. From then on, Rui En soared to fame with her independent yet edgy façade, which strongly portrays the strong identify of stylish women of the new age.

Rui En has acted in more than 25 dramas and portrayed numerous memorable roles in her years of acting career. In 2010, her outstanding and captivating performance in drama series “過好年/ Happy Family”, “我在你左右 / With You” and “最火搭檔 / Unriddle” marked a turning point in her career and established her as one of the top actresses in Singapore. 

Having twice-crowned as Star Awards’ “Best Actress” and winning “Best Actress” at the Asian Television Awards further ascertains Rui En’s outstanding performance at the regional level.

Dubbed by local media as the “Queen of Ratings”, her achievements reflect the strong dedication in bringing every character she plays to life as well as the strong audience recognition she has garnered. Over the years, many of the dramas she headlined attracted more than 1 million viewers in record.

Her scorching popularity is affirmed when she stands firmly as one of the “Top 10 Popular Female Artiste” for ten consecutive years in Star Awards 2015, as well as the Singapore E-Awards’ Most Popular TV Artiste for three years in a row. Her exceptional performance has almost gain strong following in other regions like Indonesia, Malaysia and Cambodia.

On a personal level, Rui En’s advocacies on volunteering and charitable involvements have also made a notable impact. Besides fronting Community Chest’s theme song “Listen to Your Heart” since 2003 and personally volunteering for social causes, her efforts have also encouraged her young fans to initiate charity campaigns for the needy such as door-to-door visits and food-giving over the past few years.

With consistent outstanding performances and strong audience support throughout the years, Rui En continues to dazzle as one of the most demanded artistes in Singapore.


TV Hosting 电视主持

2010 - Lodge With Me 我行我宿

2003 - Gotcha


2015   Star Awards 2015 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

2014   Star Awards 2014 Most Popular Regional Artiste Award – Malaysia
           红星大奖2014区域最受欢迎新传媒艺人 – 马来西亚

          Star Awards 2014 Most Popular Regional Artiste Award – Indonesia
          红星大奖2014区域最受欢迎新传媒艺人 - 印度尼西亚

          Star Awards 2014 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

2013   Star Awards 2013 Favourite Female Character (Poetic Justice)
           红星大奖2013 最喜爱女角色 (微笑正义)

          Star Awards 2013 Favourite On-Screen Couple (Unriddle II)
          红星大奖2013最喜爱银幕情侣 (最火搭档II)

          Star Awards 2013 Best Actress (Unriddle II)
          红星大奖2013最佳女主角 (最火搭档II)

          Star Awards 2013 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

          Star Awards 2013 I-Weekly Most Stylist Artiste
          红星大奖2013 i-周刊最时尚艺人

2012   Star Awards 2012 Favourite Female Character (A Tale of Two Cities) 
           红星大奖2012 最喜爱女角色 (乐在双城)

          Star Awards 2012 Favourite On-Screen Couple(Code of Honor)
          红星大奖2012最喜爱银幕情侣 (正义武官)

          Star Awards 2012 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

          Asian Television Awards 2012 Best Actress in A Leading Role (Unriddle II)  

          Singapore E-Awards 2012 Most Popular TV Artiste

          The New Paper Flame Awards 2012 Babe of The Year

          ELLE Awards Actress of the Year

2011   Star Awards 2011 Favourite Female Character (Happy Family)
           红星大奖2011 最喜爱女角色 (过好年)

           Star Awards 2011 Best Actress (With You)
           红星大奖2011最佳女主角 (我在你左右)

           Star Awards 2011 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

           Singapore E-Awards 2011 Most Popular TV Artiste

2010   Star Awards 2010 Favourite On-Screen Couple

           Star Awards 2010 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

           Singapore E-Awards 2010 Most Popular TV Artiste

2008   Star Awards 2008-2009 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

           The New Paper Flame Awards 2008 Babe Of The Year

           Channel 8 Countdown party Top 8 Most Likable Female Lead Character (By My Side) 
           8频道跨年派对 8大最喜爱的女主角 (不凡的愛)

2007   Star Awards 2007 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

           Nanyang Technological University Outstanding Young Alumni Award 2007

2006   Star Awards 2006 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

2005   Star Awards 2005 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste

           8 Days Reader’s Choice Favourite Feisty Girl

Endorsements  廣告/代

2016 - L’OREAL Paris (overall brand)

2015 - L’OREAL Paris (overall brand)

2014 - L’OREAL Paris Youth Code and Makeup Series

2013 - L’OREAL Paris Youth Code Series

2010 - Traffic Police “Don’t Drive To Drink” Campaign

2009 - IZU Skincare & Cosmetic

2007 - Motorola mobile
            Olay White Radiance

2006 - LifePharm 7 Days Diet
            StarHub IMODE

2005 - Motorola mobile
            LifePharm 7 Days Diet
            StarHub IMODE

2004 - Tian Poh Jewellery

2003 - Activa facial products

2002 - Panasonic mobile (with Jay Chou)

2001 - Singtel ‘HiCard’
            MPH Bookstore
            ZA Cosmetic

Albums 唱片

2013 - Single : 麻木

2011 - Single: Sky’s The Limit (with Taufik Batisah)

2008 - Album:  United Nations ”共和国”

2007 - Compilation: 25 Years of Chinese Drama 情牽25 (OST -快樂方式 remix , 解凍)

2003 - Single:  Listen to You Heart
            Compilation:  Morning Express VI 陽光系列 6 (OST - 快樂方式 , 考驗)

2002 - Album:  Rui En Vol. 1

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