Pan Ling Ling 潘玲玲

Pan Ling Ling

June 25
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English, Hokkien
Acting, Hosting, Dancing

Pan Ling Ling is a veteran actress who joined the former SBC in 1988 after graduating from its 8th Drama Artiste Training Course. With her entry into the circle, she has since brought forth a trend of oriental-beauty incandescence onto our screens, radiating her own brand of charm and elegance. 

In 1991, Ling Ling played the female lead in the 130-episode series “Women of Substance”, MediaCorp TV's first ever location filming in China. Her portrayal as an immigrant who perseveres despite extreme hardship won her rave reviews. In 1992, Ling Ling made headlines when she became the first MediaCorp (TCS) artiste to star in a regional movie. She played a psychoanalyst opposite international superstar Jackie Chan in “Crime Story”.

Besides acting, Ling Ling is also a competent host and was one of the wacky comperes in MediaCorp’s best-loved variety show, “City Beat”. In addition to that, Ling Ling was also responsible for feeding the audience their weekly capsules of entertainment news in “Entertainment Beat”.

However, it was in 2008 when Ling Ling probably re-established herself when she was cast in “The Little Nyonya”, a storyline with a Peranakan setting that spans over 70 years starting in the 1930s. This serial recorded the highest rating in local TV history to date since 1994. After 2 decades, Ling Ling’s hard work and perseverance finally paid off when she won her first acting award at Star Awards ‘11 for her performance as a kept woman in the blockbuster “Breakout”. She was also Highly Commended at the Asia Television Awards 2011 for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for this same role. 

In 2013, Ling Ling was diagnosed with breast cancer and stopped work for 10 months to undergo surgery and treatment. The ever optimistic and strong-willed actress returned to television and acting a year later when her cancer was in remission to star in her first English language role in the police drama “Mata Mata 2”. Subsequently, she is also cast as the main lead for Channel 8 long form drama 118 & 1182 whereby a total of 465 episodes are telecast between Oct 2014 and Sep 2017.

In 2018, Ling Ling was once again cast as the lead for the 150-episode long form drama “Reach for the Skies”. Her popularity soared after involving 3 long form dramas from 2015-2018. And in 2018 & 2019, she won the Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste in “Star Awards” consecutively again.

A truly resilient and enigmatic actress, Ling Ling continues to work her craft with passion and energy.


TV Series

2019 - C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 (TIF)
2019 - Hello Miss Driver 下一站。遇见
2018 - 118 Reunion 118 大团圆
2017 - Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡
2016 - A Million Dollar Dream 给我一百万
2016 - Hero 大英雄
2016 - 118 S2
2016 -- The Silver Lining 骤雨骄阳
2016 -- The Truth Seekers 真探
2015 - 118
2015 - Toggle Talk 星客驾到
2014 - Mata Mata S2
2012 - Joys Of Life 花样人间
2012 - Poetic Justice 微笑正义
2011 - On The Fringe 边缘父子
2010 - 3-Plus-1 S3 三菜一汤 3
2010 - No Limits 泳闯琴关
2009 - Your Hand In Mine 想握你的手
2008 - The Little Nyonya 小娘惹
2005 - Oh Mother 哎哟我的妈
2004 - I Love My Home 我爱我家
2004 - The Crime Hunters 心网追凶
2004 - My Mighty In Laws 野蛮亲家
2003 - Love Is Beautiful 美丽家庭
2003 - Romance De Amour 1加1等于3
2003 - Baby Boom 我家四个宝
2002 - Lucky Numbers 发财八百万
2001 - Through Thick And Thin 阿灿正传
1998 - Riding The Storm 陌生人
1996 - Of Cops And Men 城市双雄
1995 - Silk and Romance 情丝万缕
1994 - Scorned Angel 冷太阳
1994 - Web of Deceit 鹤啸九天
1993 - Battle Of Justice 人海孤鸿
1992 - Heavenly Beings 再战封神榜
1992 - Switch 妙鬼临门
1990 - Fatal endearment 谍海危情
1988 - 奇缘之怨偶天成 Strange Encounters II
1988 - 婚姻保险 Ups and Downs
1988 - 迷离夜之"梦" Mystery
1987 - 金麒麟 The Golden Quest


2012   Dance Dance Dragon (special appearance) 龙众舞 (友情客串)

1992   A Crime Story 警差故事4之重案组


2014 - My Star Guide season 9 (Japan) 我的导游是明星 9  (日本) 食在好玩

2013 - Hair Challenge 101 护发动员101

2012 - My Star Guide 7 (Sichuan China) 我的导游是明星 7 (中国四川) 食在好玩

2011 - My Star Guide 6 (Guangxi China) 我的导游是明星6 (中国广西) 食在好玩

2009 - Food Hometown II (Hokkien cuisine) 美食寻根II(福建菜)
           Golden Age 黄金年华

2008 - Golden Age 黄金年华

2007 - Beauty Expert II 美疗专家 II
            Golden Age 黄金年华

2006 - Golden Age 黄金年华
            Beauty Expert 美疗专家

2005 - Golden Age 黄金年华

2001 - Joyful Kitchen 开心厨房
            Golden Age 黄金年华

2002 - Human Network 新世纪互动

2001 - City Network 都市新干线

2000 - Entertainment Beat 绝对星闻

1995 - City Beat 城人杂志


2019  Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Star Awards 2019 红星大奖2019 十大最受欢迎女艺人

2018  Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste, Star Awards 2018 红星大奖2018 十大最受欢迎女艺人

2012   Highly Commended for Asian Television Awards ’12 Best Actress in a Supporting Role (A Song to Remember)
           亚洲电视大奖’12最佳女配角奖(星洲之夜) -评审高度评价   

2011    Star Awards ’11 Best Supporting Actress (Breakout)

           Highly Commended for Asian Television Awards ’11 Best Actress in a Supporting Role (Breakout)
           亚洲电视大奖’11最佳女配角奖(破天网) -评审高度评价   

2000  Star Awards ’00 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

1998   Star Awards ’10 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

1997   Star Awards ’97 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artistes

1994   Star Awards ’94 Top 5 Most Popular Female Artistes

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