Kayly Loh 卢传瑾

Kayly Loh

May 16
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English
Acting, Hosting

Being a complete amateur in the performing arts, Kayly impressed the judges with her bubbly character at The 5 Search, a Channel 5 talent search, where she won the competition.

Kayly has always been interested in performing arts and is active in music and dance since young by participating in numerous performances. To date she continues hip-hop dancing as an alumni at Nanyang Polytechnic.

Having graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing Management, she pursued her entrepreneurial dream and runs a visual design company. With an artistic flair and love for creative design, she continued further education in Visual Communications and completed summer school at Parsons New York in Interior Design.

In 2015, Kayly was cast in Channel 5’s first long form drama Tanglin.  Aired every weeknight, this 199-episode drama series centers on the lives of multiracial and multigenerational families whose lives reflect the joys, trials and tribulations of everyday Singaporeans. And Kayly continue filming this well-loved long form drama all the way till season 4 in 2018 before she moved on to channel 8 long form drama Jalan Jalan. She is also  involved in the theatre performance of Noose & Kakis 2: My PSLE is better than yours in 2017.

Kayly’s new Channel 8 drama C.L.I.F. season 5 will debut on Sep 23rd 2019.


TV Series

2019 - C.L.I.F. S5 警徽天职之海岸卫队 (TIF)
2019 - Limited Edition 我是限量版 (4K)

2019  警微天职5 C.L.I.F. 5

2018-2019  带你去走走 Jalan Jalan (150-ep long form drama)

2018 We The Citizens (Toggle online 网剧)

2018 Tanglin 4 东陵4
2018 我是限量版 Limited Edition  (Toggle online 网 剧)
2018 新生 Babies on Board   

2018 118 大团圆 118 Reunion

2017 Tanglin 3 东陵3

2017 梦想程式 Dream Coder

2016 Tanglin 2 东陵2

2016 你也可以是天使2 You Can Be An Angel 2

2016 绝世好工 The Dream Job   

2015 Tanglin 东陵

2016 OKchope VT host

2016 The Noose 9


2015   “The 5 Search” Winner

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