Hong Hui Fang

January 07
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English, Teochew, Hokkien, Hainanese, Cantonese
Acting, Hosting

Hong Hui Fang started acting after completing her drama training course. Over the years, she has once and again made viewers sit up and take note of her impeccable acting skills. This dedicated artiste constantly seeks out new ways to improve herself.

Hui Fang’s defining role in her career was that of a conniving and gullible samsui woman in 1986’s Samsui Women. It was that breakthrough that pushed Hui Fang to the pinnacle of her career.

Hui Fang further outshone the field in Star Awards ‘97 where she picked up the Best Supporting Actress award for her role in Price Of Peace. Her convincing portrayal of a housewife being gang raped by Japanese soldiers spurred an onslaught of sympathies from viewers. Since then, she has clinched one challenging role after another. Audiences can expect more of this sparkling actress in her upcoming production Vive La Familie III, where she puts on a pseudo Malaysian accent as a nosey aunt from Ipoh. Hui Fang could also be seen acting in 2015 long form drama, Life Fear Not.


TV Series

2018 - Hello From the Other Side 阴错阳差
2017 - While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始
2017 - Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜
2017 - When Duty Calls 卫国先锋
2017 - Reach For The Skies 不平凡的平凡
2017 - Home Truly 回家
2017 - Legal Eagles 法网天后
2016 - Gifted 天之骄子
2016 - Babies on Board 新生
2016 -- From The Medical Files S1 医生档案 1
2016 - If Only I Could... 十年。。。你还好吗?
2015 - Super Senior 长辈甜心
2015 - Life is Beautiful 初一的心愿
2014 - Spice Up 幸福料理
2014 - Against The Tide 逆潮
2014 - In The Name Of Love 最爱是你
2014 - C.L.I.F. S3 警徽天职 3
2012 - Poetic Justice 微笑正义
2011 - The Family Court 走进走出
2011 -- The Family Court 走进走出
2010 - New Beginnings 红白囍事
2008 - Crime Busters X 2 叮当神探
2006 - The Shining Star 星闪闪
2005 - The Palm of Rulai 如来神掌
2004 - Double Happiness S2 喜临门 2
2004 - Double Happiness S1 喜临门 1
2004 - I Love My Home 我爱我家
2003 - A Child's Hope S1 孩有明天 1
2003 - Vive La Famille S2 好儿好女 2
2003 - Baby Boom 我家四个宝
2003 - A Toast Of Love 吃吃面包谈谈情
2002 - Vive La Famille S1 好儿好女1
2001 - You Light Up My Life 如何对你说
2001 - Through Thick And Thin 阿灿正传
2000 - Right Frequency S3 播音人 3
1998 - Right Frequency S1 播音人 1
1997 - The Price of Peace 和平的代价
1995 - Silk and Romance 情丝万缕
1995 - Ah Xue 阿雪
1993 - Young Justice Bao 侠义包公
1992 - Switch 妙鬼临门
1991 - The Dating Game 爱情乒乓球
1991 - Love Is In The Air 爱在女儿乡
1989 - Turn of the Tide 浮沉
1988 - Silk and Satins 云想衣裳
1988 - 奇缘II之"桃花女斗周公" Strange Encounters II
1988 - 牛车水人家 Teahouse In Chinatown
1988 - 生活歌手 Song of Youth
1988 - 边缘少年 On The Fringe
1987 - 五脚基 Five Foot Way
1987 - 冷月剑无言 Fury Of The Dragon
1987 - 变迁 Moving On
1987 - 提防小手 Pickpockets
1987 - 空军 Airforce
1987 - 金麒麟 The Golden Quest
1987 - 雨过天晴 Sunshine After Rain
1986 - First Step 踏上征途
1986 - 天崖同命鸟 The Bond
1986 - 家和万事兴 Under One Roof
1986 - 盗日英雄传 Man of Valour
1986 - 红头巾 Samsui Women
1986 - 红绿灯 Crossroad III
1986 - 芝麻绿豆 Neighbours
1985 - 吾家有子 Growing Up
1985 - 吾爱吾家 Home Is Where Love Is
1985 - 少年英雄 The Young Heroes
1985 - 铁蝴蝶 The Unyielding Butterflies
1985 - 青春123 The Happy Trio
1984 - 荒原 In The Wilderness
1984 - 阳光蜜糖 Blossoms In The Sun
1984 - 雾锁南洋之赤道朝阳The Awakening
0 - Good Luck! 百岁大吉
0 - Shadows In The Dark 一号凶宅
0 - Housewives Holiday 煮妇的假期


2019    Hello From The Other Side 阴错阳差

           While You Were Away 一切从昏睡开始 

2018   Eat Already 4  吃饱没4
           Babies on Boar d新生
           Reach for the Skies 不平凡的平凡 

           Say Cheese 西瓜甜不甜

2017    Home Truly  回家
            Legal Eagle  法网天后
           (Eat Already 2) 吃饱没 2

2016    If Only I Could  十年...你还好吗?

2015    Life Is Beautiful 初一的心愿

            Good Luck 百岁大吉

          Super Senior 长辈甜心

          Hand In Hand 手牵手

          Life Fear Not 人生无所谓

2014    The Care Givers Missy 先生

            C.L.I.F 3 警徽天职 3

           In the Name of Love 最爱是你

           Against the Tide 逆潮

2013    Spice Up 幸福料理

           Love At Risk 爱情风险

           Little Detective 芝麻侦缉档案

2012   995 Rescue 995

           Pillow Talk 再见单人床

           Poetic Justice 微笑正义

           It Takes Two 对对碰

2011   Bountiful Blessings 万福楼

           Love Thy Neighbour 四个门牌一个梦

2010   New Beginnings 红白囍事

           The Family Court 走进走出

           Prosperity 喜事年年

2009   The Ultimatum 双子星

           Together 当我们同在一起  

2008    Love Blossoms 心花朵朵开

            Beach.Ball.Babes 球爱大战

            Crime Busters x 2 叮当神探

            Housewives’Holiday 煮妇的假期

2007   Kinship 手足

           Honour and Passion 宝家卫国 

           Metamorphosis  破茧而出

2006   Rhapsody in Blue 蓝色仙人掌

           Through It All 海的儿子

           An Enchanted Life 钻石情缘

           Let It Shine 萤火虫的梦

           My Dear Kins 亲本家人

2005  Love Concerige爱的掌门人

          Shining Star星闪闪

          Lady of Leisure 闲妻靓母

2004  I Love My Home我爱我家

           Double Happiness 1 & 2 喜临门

2003   A Hope of Tomorrow 孩有明天

          我是Lobang King

           A Toast Of Love 吃吃面包谈谈情

2002   Health Matters一切由慎开始

           The Palm Of Rulai 如来神掌

           Crime Hunters 心网追凶

           Viva La Famillie II 好儿好女 II

           Baby Boom 我家四个宝

2001   You Light up my Life 如何对你说

            Story of Ah-Can 阿灿正传

            The Hotel 大酒店

            The Reunion 顶天立地

            Viva La Famillie 好儿好女

2000    The Legendary Swordsman 笑敖江湖

            The Right Frequency 播音人II

1998    The Right Frequency 播音人

            Singapore Short Stories II 小说剧场

            Legend Of The Eight Immortals 东游记

1997    Curtain Call 大锣大鼓

            From The Medical Files 医生档案

            Tales Of The City 都市奇情

            My Wife Your Wife Their Wives  101老婆

            The Price Of Peace 和平的代价

1996    Full House 不速之客

            Time After Time 我来自1997

1995     Dream Hunters 追心一族

            Teochew Family 潮洲家族

            Ah Xue 阿雪

            Morning Express II 阳光列车II

            Doctor’s Justice II 法医故事II

1994     Young Justice Bao 侠义包公

            Shadow In The Dark 一号凶宅

            Silk And Romance 情丝万缕

1993     The Young & The Restless 俏皮战士

            Switch 妙鬼临门

            The Unbeatables 双天至尊

1992     Women Of Substance 悲欢岁月

            Mystery II 迷离夜II

            Love Is In The Air 爱在女儿乡

            Memories Of June 六月的童话

            The Dating Game 爱情乒乓球

1991     Working Class 上班一族

            Pretty Face 三面夏娃

1990     Two Of Us 天生一对

            Marry Me 最佳配偶

1989     Good Morning, Sir 早安!老师

            Turn Of The Tide 浮沉

1988     The Golden Ques t金麒麟         

            Teahouse In Chinatown 牛车水人家

            Song Of Youth 生活歌手             

            Strange Encounters 迷离夜之客途秋恨

            We Are Family 四代同堂

1987     Fury Of The Dragon 冷月剑无情

            Moving On 变迁

            Pickpockets 提防小手              

            Airforce Special 空军

            Neighbours 芝麻绿豆

            On The Fringe 边缘少年

1986     Samsui Wome n红头巾

            The Happy Trio 青春一二三

            Man Of Valour 盗日英雄传

            Under One Roof 家和万事兴                  

            Crossroads II 红绿灯之”黄昏”

            The Bond 天崖同命鸟

            Sunshine After Rain 雨过天晴

            Five Foot Way 五脚基   

1985     Growing Up 吾家有子

            The Unyielding Butterflies 铁蝴蝶

            The Young Heroes 少年英雄

            Home Is Where Love Is 吾爱吾家

1984     Blossoms In The Sun 阳光蜜糖

            The Awakening II 雾锁南洋       

            In The Wilderness 荒原 


2011 - Red Numbers 红字

2006 - The Maid 女佣

1999 - That One Not Enough 那个不够


2009 - Living Golden Age 3 黄金年华


2019     Star Awards ‘19 Top 10 Most Popular Female Artiste  红星大奖’19 十大最受欢迎女艺人

2006     Best Supporting Actress Award (Shining Star) in Star Awards 2006 

             红星大奖2006最佳女配角 (星闪闪)

1997     Best Supporting Actress Award (The Price of Peace) in Star Awards 1997

            红星大奖1997最佳女配角 (和平的代价)


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