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He Ying Ying

January 28
Language Spoken:
Mandarin, English
Dancing, Acting, Singing

Ying Ying took part in the campus talent scouting competition, Hey Gorgeous 2015 and came in Top 3, among the many contestants in the competition. Her brilliant and attractive smile managed to catch the attention of the audience and successfully won their hearts, allowing her to clinch the “Audience Choice Best Smile Award” in Hey Gorgeous 2015.

Ying Ying loves to perform and enjoys showing the best side of her on stage. She has been dancing since she was 3. Her highest ballet qualification is Advance Year 1 and she used to dance in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts. Other than Ballet, she also dances Street Jazz, Contemporary Dance and Chinese Dance. She also has modelling experience with various online shops.

Currently a student in National University of Singapore under the Faculty of Arts and Social Science, she was scouted to join her faculty’s beauty pageant and won the title of “Miss Elegance”.

Ying Ying aims to be optimistic and would like to live her days as happy as she could.



2015   Hey Gorgeous 2015 Top 3  校园美魔王 2015前3强

           Hey Gorgeous 2015 Audience Choice Best Smile Award 
           校园美魔王 2015 《观众票选最迷人笑容奖》

2014   NUS Art Bash 2014 Miss Elegance  NUS Art Bash 2014 《优雅小姐》

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