Andie Chen White

Andie Chen

June 16
Language Spoken:
English, Mandarin
Acting, Hosting, Singing, Dancing, Beat Boxing, Script Writing, Photography

Andie first impressed audiences with his dazzling performance at Star Search 2007, where he lived up to expectations and became the overall Champion of the contest. The truth is, Andie’s training began at a young age of 11 and he has since fulfilled his childhood dream of becoming a professional entertainer.

Before Andie shot to stardom, he has already been cast as season regulars on progammes such as Channel 5’s Heartlanders Season 4, Tiramisu and Channel U’s Ok! No Problem. He is also no stranger to theatre acting, being a member of the Hokkien Huay Kuan Youth Drama Group and Teochew Ba Yi Huay Kuan Youth Drama Club in his teens.

Andie’s convincing portrayal of an opportunistic and wilful son in the iconic drama The Little Nyonya made audiences sit up and notice the young actor. He went on to wow English audiences when he was cast as the male lead in the highly-rated English drama, Fighting Spiders. In 2011, Andie was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Star Awards for his role in Precious Babes. His dramatic turn as a scheming police officer seeking revenge in Unriddle, followed by a nerdy geek in Prosperity proved his versatility as an actor.

Already a competent host, performer and model since his younger days, Andie is one of the few multi-talented and bilingual artistes in the local entertainment scene. He is also familiar with production work, having graduated with a Diploma in Film, Sound and Video from Ngee Ann Polytechnic.

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